onhub-web is the missing web client for interacting with and monitoring Google OnHub and Google Wifi devices.

onhub-web talks to the Google Foyer APIs to retrieve metrics regarding your Google OnHub / Google Home devices. These metrics are then accessible through various avenues including a web UI and Prometheus / Grafana dashboard.

  • Technologies used: GoLang, React

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spring-boot-actuator-cli is a command-line application to interact and visualize a Spring Boot application’s Actuator endpoint’s data.

  • Designed and implemented parsers to print the Actuator endpoint’s data in legible formats.
  • Supported ‘config file’ usage, allowing teams to manage complicated micro service fleets collaboratively.
  • Technologies used: GoLang, Java, Spring Boot

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My custom “new tab” page that displays current news, now playing music, and shortcuts to important places.

  • Technologies used: Javascript

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Exige is a proof-of-concept traffic visualizer for UAM / UTM data.

  • Technologies used: Javascript, React, Mapbox, Socket.IO

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Chaddi Bot has a variety of features to make your Telegram experience a whole lot more fun.

  • Technologies used: Python3, tdlib

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